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Bookkeeping Boutique Program

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I have heard from many small business owners that they don't have enough business activity to hire a bookkeeper, but they would love to have the tools they need and the support of a seasoned, senior bookkeeper to help them:

1. stay on track with their records.

2. to have an ear & the brains of a senior bookkeeper to ask any and all questions to.

3. to have the eyes of a bookkeeper to review their system & numbers prior to tax time.

4. to help them get the most out of their business finances, including maximizing their business expenses. 

It hurts my heart to see this large circle of small business owners being forgotten and left out of a support system that is so needed, especially when one is starting out in business. 

After hearing the above needs being expressed to me, over and over, and seeing a massive hole in this area, the team and I have decided that it is time to offer this exact service to those who are in need. 

This support program is right for you if:

1. you do your own bookkeeping
Meaning that you don't have a bookkeeper, you are using a system like Excel to record your receipts or maybe you simply add up receipts and write the magic numbers on a piece of paper for taxes. 

2. you don't know what you don't know
There is a lot of information in the bookkeeping world that many business owners do not know about. Information that will save you money on your tax returns. I am a walking encyclopedia that holds 23 years of bookkeeping knowledge and experiences. I also have a strong support base of mentors (aka accountants, lawyers and CRA officers) that I can go to for any questions as well. 

3. you need a system
Maybe you are keeping your receipts in envelopes, maybe they are crumbled up, maybe you find yourself stressing out in the new year because of all the backwards work that you need to do in order to file your taxes. Maybe you are not doing anything because you don't know where to start. 

If you fall into these 3 areas, then this program is for you!

This is a 6-month support program that includes:

1. Unlimited text (via the Voxer app) and email with me (Sara) directly. 

2. Organizing Your Numbers Excel workbook (that you can use for life)
This is a workbook that I created. As you enter your sales and expenses into the monthly excel sheet, the formulas automatically create a monthly and a year to date Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement). If you are registered for HST, the workbook will also help you to create your returns. This is a simple 1-step process workbook that anyone can use. 

3. Budgeting Tool
Every business is in need of a budget. I include my Excel budgeting workbook. It is easy to use and follow, to help you stay on track with your spending. 

4. Cash Flow Statement
What if I told you that I could predict the future to let you know what is likely going to be in your bank account 12 months from now? Well, using my Excel Cash Flow workbook you can do this too. 

5. Every Business Needs a Trial Balance
A Trial Balance helps you to know if your books are in balance. I also include my Excel Trial Balance template so that you can easily work through the process on your own.

6. 6, 15-minute calls
Need a call every month, or only when you are in a 9-1-1 situation? It is up to you. Feel the freedom and ease of knowing that I am just a phone call away. 
(calls need to be booked through the online calendar and 48-hours in advance)

7. A Senior Bookkeeper's Review
Whether you need a review of your financials prior to filing your taxes, or a review of an HST return, know that you have my eyes when needed. You will receive 3 file reviews with this program. 

8. Bonuses... Who doesn't like Bonuses?
You will also receive: 
a) My Step by Step Process for Bookkeeping 101 
b) 8 Videos To Help You To Save Time, Money & Stress On Your Bookkeeping Journey 

Because of the importance of this program for small business owners, there is a limited number of spots available. This way I can focus on the clients more intently. If you are able to add this product to your cart, then there is a spot waiting for you!

Your program starts when you are ready. Purchase before December 31st and choose to start in January. Don't wait, the fee will be going up to $750.

Should you want to discuss this program prior to purchasing, please email and I will connect with you. 

Once your order is received, you will receive all the downloads, the contract, the link to the calendar, an invite to Voxer, etc. directly from Sara via email. 

**Please note this program is for educational and entertainment value only. Sara cannot be held responsible for any information or advice she gives. All clients will be required to sign a small contract agreeing to the above. By purchasing this product you do agree to these terms.**


Sara is a Senior Bookkeeper, with 23 years of service under her belt. She started her own firm in 2001 and has an amazing business partner (ROger, her husband) and associates that work with them. The firm services over 85 clients and has helped hundreds of businesses get their business books organized correctly. Sara is a certified pro advisor with Quickbooks bookkeeping software and shares her knowledge on behalf of small business centres in her area. Sara has been involved in many audits with the Canadian government and speaks with them daily, as the go-to communicator for her clients. 

Sara Clarke is a Time & Profitability Strategist. She is a force for motivation. Her purpose is to empower women around the world, to create a life they truly love. Sara’s driving force is the hurt she holds in her heart for those who are not living in their full potential.

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